kolmapäev, detsember 15, 2004

Wooden Nickel

My first reviews are up at the Avalanche.

Come on. You know you want to know what I thought of the latest issue of Catwoman.

In the House

I'm a big fan of Fox's "House". By far the most entertaining medical drama I've ever seen, at least for the five or so weeks it's been on. But I'm watching last night's episode and the whole thing is built around the idea that Dr. House is never wrong and it's such a big deal that he might be this time. What I don't get is, as far as I can, the entire story structure of every episode has been driven by him being wrong several times, the patients getting worse, then him eventually being right. Last week, a baby died because he gave it the wrong medication. Otherwise, a very good episode. Except for the horrible closing montage of all the characters celebrating Christmas while House plays the piano. That sucked.

Still, watch this show. You will enjoy it. Or I will come to your house and I will stand outside and make loud noises late at night so you can't sleep.

Breaking News: Bush Administration Admits Mistake

Today's NYT front page:

"Missteps Cited In Kerik Vetting By White House"

Gee. Ya think?


teisipäev, detsember 14, 2004

Best Songs of 2004

Okay, so there are 20 of them. Deal with it.

Note that these are in alphabetical order, which I admit is just laziness on my part. Also, I chose not to comment on them simply because, well, beyond "this song is really good," I don't have much to add.

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by the Arcade Fire
10 AM Automatic by the Black Keys
Honest Mistake by the Bravery
Tune Out by the Format
Dark Of The Matinee by Franz Ferdinand
Carnival Kids by the Futureheads
Home By Saturday by Hayden
Next Exit by Interpol
Mr. Brightside by the Killers
Nothing To Be Done by the Legends
New World Order by Jesse Malin
Laid A Highway by Tift Merritt
Something Pretty by Patrick Park
Bullets By The Door by Patrick Park
All Wrong by the Perishers
Shut Up And Kiss Me by Pony Up
Rock’N’Roll Lies by Razorlight
Fair by Remy Zero
You Can’t Fool Old Friends With Limousines by the Thrills
Original Of The Species by U2

Though they're not ranked, I think the top five would probably include the Thrills, both Patrick Park songs, Hayden, and either Franz Ferdinand or Jesse Malin.

The main reason I went all the way to 20 is that all of them should fit perfectly on one 700 MB/ 80 Min. CD. Most of them are available through iTunes and are more than worth the dollar. Unfortunately, Honest Mistake and Shut Up And Kiss Me were only posted on their bands' webpages. Both the Bravery and Pony Up are planning album releases early next year, so keep an eye out. A 3-track Bravery EP is available, but this song isn't on it.

In the next few days, I'll be posting best albums and/or best television shows. Enjoy the awesomeness.

My Bonus-size Year-end Spectacular

Note to self: remember this phrase for future use as euphamism for penis.

So this is Christmas and that means it's time for me, like so many others, to tell you what I liked this year and expect you to trust me.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing lists of my favorite movies, music, books, TV, whatever for 2004. Two important rules: 1) This is obviously only selected from what I've seen, heard, or read, so some good stuff will inevitably be left out; and 2) Especially with music, this is based on things I saw or heard for the first time this year either on new albums or on new compilations and soundtracks. Some stuff may actually be a bit older, but I'm going to try to avoid that.

Up first, probably songs. Movies'll come last because I won't even see a lot of the year's best movies until around or after Christmas.

And I swear I'll get back to talking about actual things again soon.

Coming Apart in the Avalanche

Starting Thursday, I'm going to be reviewing comic books every week over at Comic Avalanche.

There will now be a link to it over on my sidebar and I'll likely post reminders when the new reviews are put up.

Check it. Or I'll hunt you down and set your dog on fire.


esmaspäev, detsember 13, 2004

Let's Get This Party Started Right

Josh Marshall's got a long excerpt from a Scott McClellan press briefing on Kerick. I almost feel bad for the guy, until I realize he's voluntarily working for George W. Bush and he's a lying scumbag. The highlight, though, is this moment right here:

Q: Scott, Mr., Kerik said that when he was finally filling out some of those detailed forms, that's when it dawned on him that he might have a problem.
McCLELLAN: That's right.
Q: Would it be better, in the vetting process, to have that filled out beforehand, before he is nominated?

A lot of people, myself included, argued that one of the most compelling reasons to vote against Bush this year was not allegations of dishonesty or deception but the fact that his administration has a rather remarkable record of complete and total incompetence on nearly every level. I think it's time to put this whole Kerick incident near the top of the very, very long list of Bush administration screw-ups.

And to yet again ask 51% of voters what the hell they were thinking.

A Re-Introduction

The season of change continues...

So yeah. It's been a while. Longer than I'd realized. The short explanation is my whole life went wacky in August and I've been home doing nothing for far too long. Now, I'm going to be home doing something. This.

With the campaign over, I might not have as much media laziness to bitch about, but I'll try. To make up for the lack of "How is the Bush campaign getting away with this?" posts, expect a bit more of a mix of subjects around here. There'll be some reviews from time to time, maybe some lists of things I'm liking. Movies, music, TV, books, comic books, whatever I feel like.

I'm driving this bitch and you're riding in the trunk.

Consider Yourself Warned

I'm coming back. Lock up your women and livestock.


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