kolmapäev, detsember 15, 2004

In the House

I'm a big fan of Fox's "House". By far the most entertaining medical drama I've ever seen, at least for the five or so weeks it's been on. But I'm watching last night's episode and the whole thing is built around the idea that Dr. House is never wrong and it's such a big deal that he might be this time. What I don't get is, as far as I can, the entire story structure of every episode has been driven by him being wrong several times, the patients getting worse, then him eventually being right. Last week, a baby died because he gave it the wrong medication. Otherwise, a very good episode. Except for the horrible closing montage of all the characters celebrating Christmas while House plays the piano. That sucked.

Still, watch this show. You will enjoy it. Or I will come to your house and I will stand outside and make loud noises late at night so you can't sleep.


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