esmaspäev, juuli 26, 2004


In today's Wall Street Journal, Zell Miller writes what may be one of the most unintentionally ironic op-eds I have ever read. In a desperate attempt to pretend he hasn't completely flip-flopped in the last decade, Zell tries to argue that Republicans used to be dishonest and negative back when he spoke at the Democratic convention in 1992 and now the Democrats are the liars and the pessimists and that's why he now opposes the Democrats. He lambasts Democrats for distorting facts, although he doesn't actually cite any examples of that. He then goes on to grossly distort the history of welfare reform and just about every position John Kerry and John Edwards have ever taken on anything. Really. I'm not sure if it's online, but if it is, check it out. It's breathtakingly dishonest.

Then again, Zell Miller is technically a Democrat, so using him as an example, I guess it would be fair to say Democrats are exeedingly dishonest.


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