teisipäev, juuli 13, 2004

You Have to Be Kidding

Unfortunately, they're probably not.

A Bush spokesman made the following claim about John Kerry without the slightest hint of irony:

"John Kerry one week was in America's heartland saying 'I share your conservative values' and then in New York City at a Hollywood hate-fest where there was vulgar language and actors on stage attacking the president."

Vulgar language! Attacking the president!

Heavens no!

Attacking the president. Can you believe it? During an election campaign! I'm outraged. Almost as much as I am by Bush attacking John Kerry in the same damn article. Are we really supposed to believe there's something wrong with criticizing the president? Are we supposed to be that stupid?

Of course, it's not like anyone on the Bush/Cheney ticket has ever used vulgar language to...um...er...oh, yeah.

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