teisipäev, juuli 06, 2004

Yes, He Did Say It. Because It's True.

Over the weekend, the NYT reported on yet another wildly dishonest and frankly nonsensical Bush campaign criticism of John Kerry:

Mr. Kerry tried hard to make a personal connection. He told an audience in Independence, gathered in the machine shed of a 300-cow dairy farm, that he had fond memories of time spent on the farm as a boy. Mr. Kerry, the son of a foreign service officer who often lived abroad, noted that he lived for a time on a Massachusetts farm. "I learned my first cuss words sitting on a tractor, from the guy who was driving it," he said.

A spokeswoman said he was referring to time spent with his parents while a small child outside Boston, as well as with an aunt and uncle, the Winthrops, at their home on a dairy farm on Boston's North Shore.

The Bush campaign instantly put out a mocking news release about the idea of Mr. Kerry growing up on a farm. "He said it!" was the headline - and the battle to define Mr. Kerry to small-town America continued.

Note that John Kerry actually did spend time on a farm as a kid and that his statement appears to be 100% accurate and in no way dishonest. The Bush campaign pretends it is. They are liars. And they seem mighty desperate.

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