esmaspäev, juuli 12, 2004

That's Comedy

In an otherwise completely substance free front page story on John Kerry, the Washington Post throws in this little anecdote:

About 1 a.m., during a recent cross-county flight, Kerry broke from his game of Hearts with staffers to lead a prank on Rubin.

As Rubin slept, curled up in a chair, Kerry placed next to him "Pepe the Piñata," a large, multicolored papier-mâché dog, and covered them both with a blanket. He summoned the staff photographer and staged a photo that looked like Rubin was cuddling with the dog.

For all the talk about Kerry being stiff and unlikable, come on, you have to admit, that's pretty funny.

The article also sees fit to remind us that John Kerry's bike costs $8,000. Also, intrepid reporter and RNC mouthpiece Nedra Pickler's engaged.

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