teisipäev, juuli 06, 2004

second Choices

Man, there's so much wrong with this line of attack, I'm not even sure where to start.

Just weeks earlier, Mr. McCain, of Arizona, had been the subject of widespread reports that Mr. Kerry, a friend and fellow Vietnam veteran, had sounded him out about joining the ticket, reports that Mr. Kerry never publicly confirmed.

Let me repeat that: never publicly confirmed.

Again, there is no confirmed report that John Kerry actually offered the vice presidency to John McCain. None. Period. It may not be true. From the description given at the time by McCain's chief of staff, it sounded exactly like the conversations Kerry has been having with Gephardt and Edwards. Obviously, in the course of those discussions, the question of whether McCain would accept probably came up. But that's in no way indicative of McCain being Kerry's first choice. To claim otherwise is to make a completely unsubstantiated accusation. Which, of course, the Bush team does all the time so it's not really a surprise.

Citing a report by ABC News last week that Mr. Kerry's camp had conducted polls to see how different running mates would play with voters, Ms. Devenish said the Bush campaign would also emphasize that even when it came to picking the person who could succeed him as president, Mr. Kerry was shaped not by conviction but by public opinion. Mr. Kerry's campaign has denied such polling.

Um...again: Mr. Kerry's campaign has denied such polling.

Do these people care at all about facts having evidence supporting them?

Even if it is true, and really, it probably is, does Bush seriously expect us to believe that he did no polling whatsoever in 2000 before picking Cheney? Isn't that pretty much the standard procedure for these things.

Or are we supposed to believe that Bush somehow had the conviction that the CEO of Halliburton must be his vice president, popular or not? Did he look into his eyes and see his soul?

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