laupäev, juuli 03, 2004

The Press Effect

I'm reading this book, The Press Effect, by Katherine Jamieson and Paul Waldman. It's interesting, kind of like reading 200 pages of the Daily Howler. A little obvious in places, but interesting. It covers the irresponsible handling of the 2000 election by the press and in the section on the media recounts, it includes this rather amazingly dismissive quote by ABC's Antonio Mora in a story about how Bush really won:

"The review showed that Al Gore might have won only if he had asked for a statewide recount, a request he did not make."

Then he moves on, as if this doesn't matter. Process that for a second. Al Gore might have won a statewide recount. He recieved more votes than Bush statewide, but it doesn't matter because he didn't as for a statewide recount. What the fuck?

Now, the book's whole point is that the dismissal of any chance that Gore won was a result of the patriotic instincts of media in the months after 9/11 (this was November 2001). I only mention this, first of all because it pissed me off a lot when I read it, but also because Michael Moore claims in Fahrenheit 9/11 that Gore won several of the media recounts. This is true, but some conservatives have pulled out the media headlines that ignored that fact as evidence Moore was lying. This despite the fact that Moore includes a headline confirming it in the movie. The point is, anyone who tells you Bush won every recount scenario is either lying or grossly misinformed.

Punch them in the nuts.

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