teisipäev, juuli 27, 2004

Moore or Less (ugh)

Heh. Me write witty title.

Anyway, from Atrios, I learn that Drudge is angry because Michael Moore somehow weaseled his way into Jimmy Carter's box at the convention last night. In response to that, I have one thing and only one thing to say: Dick Cheney has appeared as a guest on the Rush Limbaugh Show. And unlike Carter, he's actually a candidate in this year's election.

Something the right should learn from USA Today's dumbass idea to lower the standards of campaign journalism by hiring Michael Moore and Ann Coulter (then Jonah Goldberg) is that Ann Coulter and Jonah Goldberg are just like Michael Moore. As are Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Until Republican politicians refuse to appear on either of their shows, they have no right to criticize a Democrat for daring to socialize with Moore. Not that being hypocrites has ever stopped Republicans before, but I'm just saying.



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