teisipäev, juuli 27, 2004

Looking Like Sperm

Today, the esteemed conservative media provides us with two textbook examples of why nobody takes it seriously.

In our first case, the Crazy Cult Leader Gazette, or "Washington Times" as some call it, reminds us of the story of hyper-paranoid Arab-hater Annie Jacobsen. Annie gained quite a bit of noteriety last week for having been on a plane with 14 Syrians who did nothing wrong and in no way threatened her. She was frightened so much by their presence that an air marshall ultimately had to reveal his identity to her to calm her. When the Syrians turned out to be innocent musicians on the way to a show and not terrorists, Annie did what any good American would. She wrote an essay about her terrifying experience on a plane with terrorists. The Washington Times chose to highlight her story in a piece about actual incidents of terrorists probing air security. Since then, DHS officials have said Jacobsen's panic blew the whole thing way out of proportion. Despite that, the Times ran today, on its front page, this story. The gist of it is that 14 men who the government does not believe are terrorists entered the US on expired visas. This is front page news.

Of course, compared to today's New York Post, it's a Watergate level scoop. The cover story of today's Post teaches us that people touring NASA facilities have to put on goofy looking scrubs. Unfortunately, the edition online doesn't show it. The version at my metro station had a picture of Kerry in blue scrubs, which he and all those with him were required to wear in the sensitive environment, and the headline "Boston, We Have a Problem". The little bit of text underneath compared Kerry to one of the sperm in a Woody Allen movie. Apparently, this horribly embarrassing photo of a government official touring a government science facility has completely distracted from the convention story. Which is clear because every other media outlet in the country only devoted their front pages and several interior pages to the convention.

Instead, the version of the Post online chooses to spin Bill Clinton's speech last night as an attack on Kerry.

And these jackasses accuse the New York Times of bias?


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