reede, juuli 02, 2004


This is all kinds of sketchy:

A Defeat for Victory Committee

Remember that story in the Hindustan Times and other papers in India that the Republicans outsourced fundraising phone banks to New Delhi? The story the Republican National Committee repeatedly denied?

Well, turns out they are both right. Seems the RNC has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing an outfit called the Republican Victory Committee, which operates out of Irving, Tex., of "impersonat[ing] the Republican Party to fraudulently raise money by phone and by mail."

The Republican Victory Committee then contracted with a telemarketer who outsourced the calls to India, the RNC complaint said. One caller, asked where he was calling from, said, "The Washington, D.C., of Virginia." This aroused some suspicion.

Unclear how much the Texas operation raised. The tax-exempt group's chairman, Jody Novacek, said the RNC's complaint was untrue. "We are Republican-leaning," she told the Associated Press, "and the funds will be used for voter mobilization at the state and local level."

The Republican Victory Committee started raising money in January, she said, but stopped in April when U.S. postal inspectors started investigating.


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