teisipäev, juuli 27, 2004


Tom Shales is a TV critic I'm generally pretty indifferent to. He's kind of creepy looking and he's not always on target. His piece on media coverage of the Democratic convention contains this gem, though:

People in the crowded hall held up lights or candles or matches. This all made a mockery of Fox anchor Neal Cavuto's imbecilic statement earlier in the day, as he sat in the foreground of the hall, that "there's a lot of hatred in this room behind me." He said the convention would be "predictably partisan." Gosh! Does that mean the Democrats wouldn't give equal time to Republicans? Heaven help us if the November elections are partisan, too.

"Some of the prime-time lineup appears to be very partisan," CNN pretty-boy Bill Hemmer told commentator Jeff Greenfield on the network's morning show. Insights like these are so dazzling you really have to step back from the set to avoid having your eyebrows singed.

It's kind of funny. Shales is critiquing the media while media critic Howard Kurtz is writing the thousandth story of the year about how clever Jon Stewart is.


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