neljapäev, juuli 08, 2004

Damn that Liberal Media!

The New York Times reports that John Kerry's house is really expensive:

The estate where Mr. Edwards paid the ritual visit to his running mate includes a swimming pool, carriage house and colonial manse whose front is adorned with six white columns and a pair of stone lions flanking the entrance - not the ideal image for two Democratic millionaires beginning their campaign as champions of ordinary Americans.

And again the media immediately accepts GOP spin without question. Somehow being rich and supporting ordinary Americans are supposed to be mutually exclusive. The article observes the rather pathetic detail that the Kerry campaign needed to orchestrate the event in such a way as to hide the expensive house because they knew idiots like the guy who wrote this article would waste their time critiquing it and reminding voters that they're supposed to see a contradiction. Take this on top of the Washington Post story about the logo on the stairway Kerry and Edwards walked down getting off their plane and you've got further evidence that the press is neither liberal nor conservative. Just mind-numbingly stupid.

John Edwards is a successful self-made man. The woman John Kerry loves happens to be rich. Does the press want an apology or something? What the hell does the press expect them to do to change that?

(Post link via Pandagon)

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