neljapäev, juuli 15, 2004

Belfast Parking Valet

One can only assume the Republican and media outrage over Dennis Miller's offensive comments introducing Bush at a recent rally will begin any minute now.

Unless, of course, Bush thinks it's okay to suggest that his opponents are gay and that James Carville is Satanic. Since he didn't renounce Miller's jokes, that is clearly the case.

Speaking of celebrity endorsements: Dennis Miller, a big backer of Bush, was in Green Bay, Wis., yesterday to warm up the crowd before the prez spoke. Miller made a glancing reference to Whoopi but promised, "In deference to George W. Bush, I will try not to fall to depths that some would in this case."

Then he went on to imply a homosexual attraction between Kerry and Edwards.

"Those two cannot keep their hands off each other, can they?" Miller said. "I think I have a new idea for a new campaign slogan -- use the bumper sticker 'Hey, Get A Room.' "

The Post's Dana Milbank also reports that Miller riffed on other noted Dems. "Asking Bill Clinton to write an honest book is like asking Britney Spears to sing a capella," he said.

And he called strategist James Carville "a muppet who accidentally was washed on hot" and a "Satanic Chihuahua under a strobe light" who has "more nervous ticks than a Belfast parking valet."

All in good fun, of course. Bush thanked Miller "for joining us" but made no mention of his warm-up act.


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