kolmapäev, juuli 07, 2004

At Least It's Not About Hillary

Bill Safire's latest column highlights what seems to be a significant logical flaw in the arguments being presented all over the place (including not one, not two, but three different pieces on today's WSJ editorial page) that John Edwards was a substance-free pick made solely for political purposes. While Safire makes this claim repeatedly, he intercuts it with comments by Lindsey Graham explaining that Edwards will have very little political impact. Safire insists that all Kerry cares about is politics, but then he lets Graham explain how Edwards will not help Kerry win any states. Either Kerry's monumentally stupid and he doesn't know what Graham knows, or there's more to it than that. So if there's no political advantage, why is he a political choice? Because Republicans can't find any other effective avenue for criticism of the guy.

Also, despite currently having two years more experience in national government than George W. Bush, he's too inexperienced to be president.

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