neljapäev, juuni 10, 2004

What a Dick!

Michael Barone:

GREENBERG: [Referring to a recent study his polling firm conducted] He [Reagan] was actually still, before his death, still polarizing. That is, the Republicans were overwhelmingly, you know, favorable [toward Reagan], independents were in the middle, and Democrats were still negative.

BARONE: Yeah, well, the MoveOn.org folks were cheering when they heard of Reagan's death.


BARONE: Yes they were.

GREENBERG: That's utterly tasteless.

KAPLAN: Let's try to keep the tone civil.

BARONE: Well, it's tasteless of them [MoveOn.org].

"In my head, they're cheering Reagan's death. Although it isn't happening in reality, it offends me. How very tasteless of them to do something they didn't actually do but that I am imagining them doing. Yes, I am an idiot."

Setting aside the craziness of this statement for a moment, how stupid do you have to be to think that a group of extremely passionate Bush-haters would welcome Reagan's death? Do you think they want Republicans out there linking Bush to Reagan constantly with Reagan's name being passed around the news all day every day for weeks? Do they look forward to the bump in polls Bush will get from the eulogy?



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