teisipäev, juuni 08, 2004

The Wall Stupid Journal

In one of the more asinine arguments for liberal media bias I've seen in a while (and given the things they've been saying about the not-admiring-enough coverage of Reagan, that's saying something), the Wall Street Journal editorial board brings us the shocking news that two top officials in Iraq's new government have publicly thanked the US. They then throw in a snide comment about how the media isn't telling us that. Well, I imagine the reason they haven't told us that is, so fucking what? I mean, really, how should we expect the people we've put into power to react. We removed a dictator and gave these two men control of a country. It would be news if they didn't thank us. They aren't democractically elected, so there's no claim to be made that they speak for the Iraqi people. They're just two men who now have enormous power because of what we did. Of course they're grateful. Did somebody somewhere say they weren't?

Personally, I'm a lot more interested in reading about how the Bush administration sought ways to get around laws against torture. But the WSJ ed board doesn't seem to care as much about that.

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