neljapäev, juuni 17, 2004

So Very Dishonest

I'll get to the quotes about the link in a minute, but first this response from the Bush campaign to John Kerry's criticism over the issue:

A Bush campaign spokesman countered that Kerry himself has said Hussein "supported and harbored terrorist groups."

I hate these people. I really do. Do they have no respect whatsoever for the intelligence of the American people? Of course Saddam supported terrorist groups. Nobody ever denied that. And Kerry didn't criticize Bush for saying it. Kerry criticized Bush for saying Saddam supported Al Qaeda specifically. This is not true. And Kerry has never said it was. So the Bush campaign response is glaringly irrelevant. But to a casual observer, I'm sure it looks like another flip-flop. And who really cares if the American people know the truth about the president's dishonesty anyway?

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