laupäev, juuni 26, 2004


The Bush campaign's "Democrats and Nazis" ad story has hit the mainstream media. It's not clear yet how this one will play out, but based on this Newsweek story, it ain't looking good for Bush. Note that the Kerry campaign has denounced anyone using Hitler references, implictly including Democrats. And since no actual representative of the Kerry campaign has done so, it's tough to pin it on him. And the article makes the dishonesty of using the moveon contest submissions pretty clear, with an incredibly weak retort from the Bush campaign.

Most importantly, though, they talked to an expert:

NEWSWEEK asked an interactive content developer for a large New York City advertising firm to view the video and offer his professional opinion. After laughing out loud at the video, he said the picture of Hitler overwhelms any other message and that the entire advertisement seemed poorly conceived. “If you’re not aware of the MoveOn.org campaign, it seems like a ridiculous point. It’s picking up a spitball, polishing it, and throwing it back at them. It’s like saying: 'I’m like Hitler? No you’re like Hitler'.”


Still waiting for the Bush campaign to denounce the statements listed in my last post.

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