reede, juuni 18, 2004

More Daily Froomkin

Sorry. This one's just to good to let go:

With Bush, it's easy to tell when he's trying to telegraph his optimism, for two reasons.

One, these days, he's always trying to telegraph his optimism.

Two, rather than just describing an optimistic vision or expressing optimism, the primary way Bush does it is by repeating the word optimism (or optimistic) over and over again.

Here's the text of his speech to the National Federation of Independent Businesses yesterday ("That's why I'm so optimistic about the future. . . . " "It was based upon my optimism. . . . " "See, I'm optimistic about our future. . . . ")

And here's the text of his remarks at a fund-raiser in Spokane last night. ("[W]e've got optimistic plans to make this country safer, stronger, and better.")

Even in those brief remarks after his Cabinet meeting, he got one in: "There's a sense of optimism around this table. . . . "

I've noticed it too. This is what we get for electing the style-over-substance president.

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