teisipäev, juuni 01, 2004

Let It Die, Jackass

And Bush-loving Pseudo-crat Mickey Kaus is still flogging the Kerry intern affair rumor. This time, he insists the affair happened, but with someone other than Alex Polier:

3. "We shook the tree," a reporter for The Hill tells Polier. "A bunch of names fell out, and yours had the most flesh to it." A bunch of names? Hmmm. Had Polier heard such names? Does she think the hopes for a good Kerry sex scandal are completely unfounded? She's remarkably reticent about Kerry's behavior with others. ...

Well, not knowing Kerry well, nor knowing any of the other names, it seems somewhat reasonable that she can't offer a blanket denial of the actions of unidentified people who aren't her. But then, Kerry has to have been sleeping with someone, right? Matt Drudge wouldn't lie to us.


Kaus also thinks it's suspicious that Polier didn't immediately deny the story when she was in Africa. Because being a young woman in another continent who has never been the subject of a political scandal before, she obviously should have known exactly how best to handle the situation. Maybe she knew that dignifying the lie with a response could only feed the story further, leading internet dumbasses like Mickey Kaus to speculate that she didn't deny it fast enough or that there must have been another intern. Given the circumstances, is it really odd that this innocent, unprepared woman didn't know to issue her own press release immediately after a rumor-mongering slimeball ripped her life apart. I would imagine she had a lot on her mind at the time. Not doing the thing most obvious to Mickey Kaus isn't exactly an admission of guilt under the circumstances.

Or maybe she's just lying because she's dishonest like Kerry. And is Polier a French name? [I don't know!-ed Neither do I! Look it up!-ed You look it up!What do I look like? A respectable legitimate journalist?]

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