teisipäev, juuni 01, 2004


The Bush campaign responds to the Milbank/VanDerHei article pointing out all of its lies.

Read it. Try to find an instance where the Bush campaign actually backs up its claims. Other than noting that, going back to last September, it's arguable that Kerry might actually have run 54% negative ads (still compared to Bush's 75%), they don't defend anything. I especially like the 350 votes for higher taxes response, which repeats exactly what the article said, then moves on as if a point has been made.

The ridiculous attempts to justify the arguments against Kerry on the Patriot Act in the conference call transcript are great too. Also, note how they call it "President Bush's Department of Homeland Security" and completely ignore the article's key observation about Bush's hypocritical flip-flop on that issue.

Pathetic, disgusting liars.

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