kolmapäev, juuni 09, 2004

The Hidden Costs of Defeat

From today's Bulletin:

While appearing outwardly confident President Bush will win reelection, some White House and House and Senate aides this week privately conceded that they are worried about the Republicans kepping control of the White House. As a result, many are beginning to look around for private sector jobs to beat what would be a rush of Republican aides this winter if Bush is replaced by Sen. John Kerry.

And so Bush will leave office as he served...with many, many job losses.

Two other fun tidbits in the Bulletin:

1) If the election were held today, Kerry would win the electoral vote 296-242, according to a new Zogby poll. That can't be making the Bushies happy.

2) Kerry's aides are requesting hundreds of newspaper columns written by Tom Vilsack. He's looking more and more like the frontrunner for VP.

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