reede, juuni 25, 2004

The Hell Is He Talking About?

I just saw the clip of that Bush interview with the Irish reporter. The bit where Bush loses it because the reporter supposedly isn't letting him finish. What? There was a pretty clear pause after the first sentence there. Just because Bush thinks slow doesn't mean the reporter is trying to cut him off.

It kind of reminds me of the old Dana Carvey routine about Perot in the debates, when he just kept saying "Can I finish?" over and over again but nobody else was talking.

Bush and Cheney have really put Clinton "losing it" in the BBC interview in perspective this week, haven't they?

UPDATE: I just saw the full interview. Yeah, she did interrupt him a bunch of times. Not the part I had seen before, where he says "Nobody cares about death more than I do" then sits silently. Then she speaks and he snaps at her. I've noticed this in a lot of interviews he does. He gets really angry when reporters try to bring him back to answering their questions.

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