pühapäev, juuni 27, 2004

Denounciation Update

The Bush campaign is still lying. They've added a disclaimer saying the ad contains "remarks made by and images from ads sponsored by Kerry supporters." This is a flat-out lie. The contest entries were not in any way sponsored by Moveon.org.

Also, Jesse at Pandagon has begun compiling a longer list of Bush supporters making Nazi references. So here's where we stand:

The New York Post and others comparing Michael Moore to Nazi propagandists
Michael Savage calling Bill Clinton's book Mein Kampf
Bill O'Reilly calling Michael Moore, Al Franken, and liberal celebrities Nazis
Many, many Bush supporters calling Hillary Clinton Hitlery
Many Republicans comparing Bill Clinton to Hitler
Republicans comparing John Kerry to Hitler
Ralph Peters calling Howard Dean supporters "brownshirts"
Everything Ann Coulter has ever said
Grover Norquist comparing the estate tax to the Holocaust
Kathleen Parker endorsing the position that Democratic candidates should be lined up and shot
Rush Limbaugh comparing Dick Gephardt to the Gestapo for his health care proposals
Rush Limbaugh calling feminists "feminazis"

Almost 24 hours and no denounciation yet. Clearly, this means Bush agrees with every single one of these positions.

Any more additions?

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