reede, juuni 11, 2004

Damn Nancy Reagan

The nerve of that woman. Reagan's national security adviser William Clark tells us that Reagan would have opposed stem cell research. He is very critical of those who have attempted since Reagan's death to convince President Bush to change his position on it just because stem cell research might have saved Reagan's life. You know, people like Nancy Reagan. Can you believe Nancy Reagan would be so shameless?

I don't know how Ronald Reagan would have felt about stem cell research. I don't know if his position on it changed after he left office and contracted a disease that might (although apparently not that likely) be treated or cured by it. But my guess is that Nancy Reagan would know. If nothing else, her incredibly classy rejection of efforts to but Reagan's face on money or name a university after him shows that she is very careful about people exploiting him. She was with him for all of those years as his mind slipped away. If anyone knows what he wanted, it's her. So why is William Clark telling her what to do in her own husband's name?

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