reede, juuni 18, 2004

Daily Froomkin

Today, Dan gives us an exerpt from yesterday's press briefing where a reporter tries to make the same point my last post did:

A central issue, as indicated earlier, is whether there were "contacts" between al Qaeda and Hussein, or something more -- like "links" or a "collaborative relationship." The first is indisputable. The latter, quite disputable.

John Roberts of CBS News tried fruitlessly to get press secretary Scott McClellan to address this specific issue, even going so far as to use a close-to-home analogy. Here's an excerpt from the text of yesterday's briefing.

"Q But here's where the two positions diverge, and that is that the 9/11 Commission says, yes, there were these contacts, but they did not result in any kind of collaborative relationship. It means the same thing as you and I contact each [other] all the time, but I don't think anybody here at the White House would [accuse] you of having --

"MR. McCLELLAN: John, we made it clear a long time ago --

"Q -- a collaborative relationship with me."

Well said, Mr. Roberts.

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