esmaspäev, juuni 28, 2004

Daily Froomkin

Ron Reagan, no fan of President Bush, is also no fan of the vice president.

From an interview with Deborah Solomon in the Sunday New York Times Magazine:

Q. "How did your mother feel about being ushered to her seat by President Bush?"

Reagan: "Well, he did a better job than Dick Cheney did when he came to the rotunda. I felt so bad. Cheney brought my mother up to the casket, so she could pay her respects. She is in her 80's, and she has glaucoma and has trouble seeing. There were steps, and he left her there. He just stood there, letting her flounder. I don't think he's a mindful human being. That's probably the nicest way I can put it."

Given Vice President Fuck Yourself's actions last week, that certainly is the nicest way to put it.

Froomkin's also got a couple of quotes from Bush and McClellan shrugging off the Vice President telling a leading member of the opposing party to go stick his penis up his own ass. Not even a word about protecting the sanctity of marriage from self-fuckers.

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