neljapäev, juuni 24, 2004

Daily Froomkin

Dan's got some info on the Bush campaign's forcing local governments to pay for its visits. You know, because they've got to save their $200 million for dishonest campaign ads.

Revolt of the Backdrops

It's very exciting when the president or the vice president swoop down on your town to make a campaign appearance, but what's left once they're gone are a lot of unpaid bills. Out in the heartland, some local officials aren't taking too kindly to that.

For instance, Cheney visited Lincoln, Neb., last week.

Nate Jenkins of the Lincoln Journal Star writes that now, no one wants to foot the $31,900 bill for his visit.

When Bush visited La Crosse, Wis., in May, he left behind $60,277 in unpaid security-related expenses incurred by the city.

Joan Kent of the La Crosse Tribune writes that the city plans to bill the Bush/Cheney campaign for some of it, and make up a bit more through a Homeland Security grant, but swallow the rest.

"'It's not whether it's a dollar or $60,000; I just do not think the city taxpayers should subsidize campaigns,' [Mayor John] Medinger said.

"He also said he thinks it is questionable whether Homeland Security money should be spent for security at events such as campaign rallies. . . .

"Elsewhere in the region," Kent writes, "Viroqua is billing Bush/Cheney $4,026, Dubuque, Iowa, $10,217, and Prairie du Chien, $9,598."


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