neljapäev, juuni 17, 2004

Daily Froomkin

Alright, it's official. I've got a new feature. Since I quote him almost every day anyway, I'm announcing that I will be posting my favorite bit from the day's White House Briefing column every weekday from here on out, barring fires, explosions, or syphillis.

And today's winner is:

But today's prize may belong to Mimi Hall of USA Today, who simply reminds her reader: "In a letter to Congress on March 19, 2003 -- the day the war in Iraq began -- Bush said that the war was permitted under legislation authorizing force against those who 'planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.'"

I believe that's check and mate, Mr. Bush.

I expect to be posting more quotes from Bush and Cheney via Dana Milbank, still America's best political reporter, soon.

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