kolmapäev, juuni 02, 2004

CEO Style

Struggling my ass out of bed to read my daily Froomkin over at the Washington Post. There, I discovered that Zell "What's up with these kids today and their rap music?" Miller is upset that his fellow Democrats have been criticizing a Republican president. Because, you know, Republicans were oh-so-civil toward Bill Clinton. Also, any man who compares the torture of prisoners to showering in gym class has no right to be offended by anything anyone else says.

More importantly, though, there's this on the downside of having an MBA president.

"My job is to set the agenda and tone and framework, to lay out the principles by which we operate and make decisions, and then delegate much of the process to them," Bush wrote, adding that he sees holding people accountable as an essential ingredient.

Oh yeah. That Bush, he sure does hold his people accountable for their mistakes. The article paints a fairly frightening picture of a president who has no responsibility for or real knowledge of anything that happens in his administration. If one of his advisors says something is being taken care of, he assumes it's not a problem and stops asking questions. As a result, we have a president who's blindsided by a 60 Minutes report the Pentagon knew was coming for two weeks. And a White House that was in no way prepared to contain the damage the story caused.

See? Electing an incurious goofball president has consequences.

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