teisipäev, juuni 15, 2004

Bizarro World

I believe Mickey Kaus (ugh) may be the only man alive who thinks that Elizabeth Bumiller (who I feel WorldNetDaily has sufficiently proven is sleeping with Bush) and Jodi Wilgoren have a pro-Kerry bias.

I didn't comment on this Wilgoren gem over the weekend, but you can find analysis here and here. Overall, it isn't a pure hit piece, but Wilgoren does go out of her way to look down on Kerry's use of big words and classical guitar playing.

In Kausland, however, the story is ridiculously pro-Kerry because Wilgoren talks to some people who say Kerry is very interested in policy and carefully revises his speeches. Now, everyone who has ever worked with Kerry, including Republicans, agrees that he analyzes policy more deeply than pretty much anyone else in the Senate. Kaus is of course right that it's an idiotic article with no journalistic value, but it also plays directly into RNC talking points. Kaus doesn't mention that, or the bizarre analogy between Kerry and a hamster. Only a complete moron could consider it a positive portrayal. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised Kaus read it that way.

He's also angry that Elizabeth Bumiller pointed out in her column yesterday that Bush is not exactly like Reagan. Now, Bumiller isn't exactly a deep thinker, as evidenced by her hard-hitting columns on Bush's sleeping and bike-riding habits. So it's not surprising that she reaches for the most surface-level differences. She does, after all, note that Bush goes to sleep earlier than Reagan. But Kaus seems to believe all of this is a sign that there is no substantive difference. It's actually just a sign that Bumiller's an idiot. There are many differences, as other articles point out.

And in other RepubliKaus news, Mickey's taking the word of PJ O'Rourke over Kerry. Why? Because it's an incident in which Kerry may have straddled an issue. And because Kaus has a strange Fatal Attraction-like obsession with Kerry. Kaus repeats this smear with no evidence. Just like a good journalist would.

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