esmaspäev, juuni 21, 2004

Another Fair and Balanced View of John Kerry's Weekend

An update on the cost of John Kerry's vacation thanks to the good folks over at Pandagon and ultra-liberal AP correspondent Nedra Pickler.

In case you couldn't pick up on John Kerry's blatant hypocrisy from the cost of his dinner (although Nedra chooses to highlight the slightly less expensive Tempura of Maryland Soft Shell Crabs at $33), we get not one, not two, but seven paragraphs at the top of the piece making it more explicit. See, John Kerry's got a lot of money. How much money? Glad you asked. Let's run it down, because, you know, this is much more important than actual policy debates:

$500 million Heinz food fortune
nearly $5 million home in affluent Ketchum, Idaho
his wife's $9.1 million, five-bedroom waterfront home on Nantucket
aboard her own private jet
Tempura of Maryland Soft Shell Crabs cost $33
two $8 bike tubes Sunday
gentleman's fishing vessel said to cost about $150,000
sautéed yuzu-dusted day boat sea scallops go for $36
kite-surf, a dangerous combination of waterskiing and parasailing with basic equipment costing about $2,500

Did I miss anything?

Just an aside here. It was Father's Day. Now, I'm a man who makes $29,000 a year and I'm going to graduate school next year, but when Valentine's Day came around, I took my girlfriend to a nice restaurant where entrees did cost around $30. Special occassions call for special meals. If the Bushes ate out on Father's Day, I'm sure they would have spent quite a bit too. But then, they have an entire team of private chefs at their disposal, so who knows.

The $2,500 kite-surfing, however, yeah, that's a bit excessive. I got no defense for that one, other than, you know, that it's utterly and completely irrelevant.

More importantly, note the odd similarity in details between the two stories. The way they use the exact same costs of the exact same items. Especially the "which of these is not like the others" reference to $8 bike tubes. How does that fit in? I smell RNC opposition research. And two very dumb reporters who decided to transcribe it.

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