teisipäev, juuni 22, 2004

Ahmad Hikmat Shakir=Hikmat Shakir Ahmad? Eh, Close Enough

In today's Wall Street Journal, a review of Stephen Hayes' book hits us with definitive proof that Saddam Hussein was working with al Qaeda. I mean, irrefutable, air-tight evidence:

Last month the Journal's Review & Outlook column broke the news that multiple Iraqi documents now in U.S. custody list someone named Ahmed Hikmat Shakir as having been an officer of the Saddam fedayeen.

Wow. That sounds pretty bad, right? I mean, there's no other explanation.


"By most reckoning that would be someone else" other than the airport greeter, said the administration official, who would speak only anonymously because of the matter's sensitivity. He added that the identification issue is still being studied but "it doesn't look like a match to most analysts."

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