reede, juuni 18, 2004

Again With the Lying

Knight Ridder continues to show the big boys how it's done. This time, the news service trakcs numerous statements made by Bush and Cheney that "systematically sought to justify an invasion of Iraq by connecting Saddam with the perpetrators of the bloodiest terrorist strikes in U.S. history."

In other words, Bush is lying.

Just so we're clear, there is no way in which the 9/11 commission's report validates what the Bush administration has said about ties between Saddam and al Qaeda. Several meetings leading to no cooperation is not a "relationship" of any significance. It is also very clearly not what Bush meant to imply when he made such allegations. And even if it was, he and Cheney made many other statements that went much further.

As this article points out, those statements had no basis in reality. And the State Department and CIA tried to tell Bush that. As always, they were ignored.

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