esmaspäev, juuni 07, 2004

Addicted to Amar 7

So stupid. So very stupid.

Amar weighs in with one of the downsides of gay marriage you probably haven't thought of yet. You know, because it's several degrees beyond retarded. It is a new angle on the gay marriage=incest argument, though. Now, there are a lot of reasons this is tremendously stupid. To note one, gay couples are already adopting. Is there any actual evidence that the ability to say that they're "married" instead of "life partners" will actually increase their interest in adoption? More importantly, though, in a lesbian adoption of this kind, the mother is known. The father is not. In a normal straight adoption, neither parent is known. So why would a gay adoption be more likely to lead to incest than a straight one? Because Amar's an idiot.

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