neljapäev, mai 20, 2004

Who's Self-Righteous?

Atrios points us to this at Mediamatters.org. Now, setting aside the obvious bigotry, vague references to David Brock's homosexuality, and strange inferences of Judaism, my favorite part is this:

Oh I started a website two weeks ago -- you're so self-righteous. It's all about your website isn't it -- but you don't have a radio show, do you?

Jeez, Michael, it's all about your radio show, isn't it -- but you don't have a TV show, do you?

I had no idea one needed to have a radio show in order to have a valid opinion in this country. I suppose I might as well pack up my blog and go home then. Savage has shown me the error of my ways.

Speaking of Savage, this puppy turned up on Salon this morning. You may need to watch an ad to get to it, but it's a very funny play-by-play of an atrocious Michael Savage public appearance.

From the wings, Savage, obviously thinking he was off-mic, barked, "Play the Arab music!" A Middle Eastern tune blared as his red Cadillac lurched onto the stage. Savage was perched on the back seat, dressed in white robes and sunglasses, looking like a costume-party sheik. As the car disappeared off stage, he waved to the crowd, "Goodbye, infidels! I'll see you in hell!"

People paid to see this.

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