laupäev, mai 22, 2004

We Got Served

If this turns out to be true, sweet Jesus, we got played. We got played by a country that's about 200 years behind us in the development of civilization. Through Chalabi, Iran used the world's most powerful military force to destroy their greatest enemy and WE PAID THEM $350,000 a month for the privilege of being their fuck-puppet. This is the kind of thing people were worried about when we elected an incurious president surrounded by a bunch of rabid ideologues with little regard for the truth. You laughed at us then. We should all be ashamed now.

This, of course, is if it's true. Given Chalabi's history, it wouldn't be surprising. And the story's been reported in actual reputable newspapers too, so there is probably something to it. If it ultimately turns out there's nothing there, I will apologize. For now, though, sweet Jesus.

(link via Atrios)

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