esmaspäev, mai 31, 2004

We Get It, They're Flip-Flops

In an otherwise pointless treatise on the popularity of the flip-flop, the Washington Post throws in this amusing litte bit:

Republican kids took to showing up at Sen. John Kerry's campaign rallies this spring and waving flip-flops in the air, because they say John Kerry "flip-flops" on the issues. Get it? Get it?

(And people wonder why the young don't vote. Because getting involved in politics is all so dorky, that's why, hammering a lame joke over and over, until, predictably, there's a Web site selling flip-flops with all the evolving positions of the presumed Democratic nominee spelled out on the top side of the sole. They weren't even the first to think of this: The National Organization for Women left buckets of flip-flops on the doorstep of the New Jersey statehouse in 1999 when they believed that then-Gov. Christine Todd Whitman had altered her position on requiring parental notification for underage girls seeking abortions.)

This is accompanied in the article by a bunch of Junior Bush Rangers holding flip-flops in the air at a Kerry rally. They've all got this smug look on their faces like they know they're really getting to Kerry. Because Kerry's biggest concern in the world is a couple of college kids waving around their footwear. And you know they think they're so clever.

It's just nice to see someone point out that they're really not. At all.

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