kolmapäev, mai 05, 2004


In today's LA Times, a White House official claims that Bush was told of the prison abuse investigation in December. In today's press briefing, Scott McClellan said Bush first learned of it last week when he saw the pictures on TV. So let me back up here and see if I can make any sense out of all this.

Last Summer: Amnesty International issues a report alleging that prisoners are being mistreated.

December: The military launches an investigation.

Also December: According to the LA Times, Bush is notified.

Two weeks ago: General Myers asks CBS to delay its story about the report because of the tensions in Fallujah.

Last week: The story breaks. The New Yorker runs Hersh's article. General Myers and Don Rumsfeld have still not read the report. According to McClellan, Bush first finds out about it now.

Over the weekend: Myers and Rumsfeld go on talk shows and say they haven't read the report yet.

Yesterday: Bush says he hasn't read the report.

Today: McClellan says Bush first learned of the situation from the news stories last week. The LA Times reports Bush first learned about it in December.

Nope, can't make sense of it.

In those two weeks that the story was held up, why didn't Myers and Rumsfeld seek out the report? Why didn't either of them notify Bush the story was coming? If they did, why are they all lying about it now? And what the deal with the LA Times report? Is McClellan lying or is the anonymous White House official?

Odds are, we'll never get answers to any of these questions.

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