neljapäev, mai 13, 2004

Stupid Right Wing Excuses for Torture

Right here, all compiled in one place by Tim Noah of Slate.

Not that any of them make any sense whatsoever, but by far the most bizarre and nonsensical is this gem by Jeremy Reynalds of Men's News Daily.

See, us liberals, we like gays, right? So what if all of the soldiers who tortured people were gay, not that there's any evidence of that, but what if? Would we still be outraged? Or would we be all like, oh, they're gay, never mind? Because, you know, gay people just naturaly torture arabs. It's in their blood. Can't let a gay man within 5 feet of an arab or that guy is just guaranteed to end up with a chemical light up his ass. It's just the way gays are. What can you do, really?

No, seriously. This is Reynalds' argument, if you can even call it that.

Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, has decided that raping an Iraqi prisoner is just like Bill Clinton sticking a cigar up Monica Lewinsky's cootchie. For the last time, people:


Can you fit that in your miniscule right-wing brains?

And if that's not enough, Jesse over at Pandagon points us to John Derbyshire, who has managed to contort himself into some state of irrational zen wherein it's okay, and in fact encouraged, to sodomize Iraqis with whatever phallic instrument you happen to have available but it's outrageous and unforgivable to have consensual sex with your fellow soliders.

One of these days, John Derbyshire is really going to have to hunt down the bastards who stole his logic.

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