reede, mai 21, 2004

Short-term Memories

You ever think politicians and pundits are kind of like those fish with the really short memories? Like the Ellen Degeneres fish in Finding Nemo? By this I mean, it seems like none of them ever remember the last time the other party was in power.

Yes. Fish. I'm so very clever.

Moving on from my terrible, terrible analogy, this is the kind of thing that pisses me off:

"I didn't think we had done enough in the diplomatic area."

Is this a Democrat criticizing Bush on Iraq or a Republican criticizing Clinton on Kosovo? Guess.

Who claimed the president "has no plan for the end" of the war, Tom Delay or Nancy Pelosi?

The president ought to open up negotiations and come to some sort of diplomatic end."

Delay or Daschle? (Answers here)

My point is, there's a whole lot of ridiculous manufactured outrage going around on the right today because Nancy Pelosi dared to state the obvious yesterday: Bush is incompetent. Republicans are going nuts. They're calling for John Kerry to reprimand her. They want an apology. They're accusing her of treason. They say she's demoralizing the troops.

Fuck. Them.

Now, this is important. As Saletan's piece points out at the end, Democrats said many of these same things about Republicans back then. It's unpatriotic, it endangers the mission, etc. These are politicians. They play politics. It's what they do. But they also state their opinions, as is their right. I don't doubt for a second that Nancy Pelosi truly believes Bush is incompetent. Disagree with her all you want, but don't run around pretending you're offended because we all know you're not. Tell her why he's competent. Don't tell her to shut up. Because we all know the exact same drama is going to play out the first time President Kerry sends troops into action and Tom Delay says something about it.

So let's all just stop please. Let them play their silly little power games. But don't go wasting my time and yours pretending you're really upset about it because we both know you're not. Those of us watching the government should instead be standing up and telling our leaders to grow the fuck up because we have some real problems that need fixing and some real people that shouldn't be dying.

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