reede, mai 28, 2004

Rush Limbaugh's Off His Meds

Rush Limbaugh on Al Gore's speech:

It says he's perverse, that he would be argue to go confer greater rights on those who seek to murder millions of Americans and calling for even tougher actions to seek them out and destroy them before they destroy us.

Read the second half of that sentence again and please tell me what Limbaugh means. And given that we're talking about conferring on them the right to not have a chemical light shoved up their ass, I think it's Limbaugh's side that's perverse, not Gore's.

What really troubles me about these photos, above and beyond what's in them, is how they're being used to undermine our war effort.

What troubles me about these photos is how they undermine the war effort.

They're not "being used". They are what they are and they mean what they mean. Stop trying to kill the messenger and place the blame where it belongs, dipshit.

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