laupäev, mai 01, 2004

Ricky Vandal Watch VI: Julian St. Jox

I'm not sure what the point of the nude pictures is:

Porn actress Jessica Dee, 26, see pic, has just been confirmed as having the HIV virus, which could lead to AIDS. She got the virus from porn actor Darren James, who also infected porn actress Lara Roxx, 18 on the same day, when he and Marc Anthony performed a double anal on her. Darren James got the virus from porn goddess Bianca Biaggi during a trip to Brazil.
The following porn actors have had intercourse with Jessica Dee and are considered infected with the HIV virus: Sean Michaels, Julian St. Jox, Mark Last, Brock, Carlos Mendes. Pictures not yet available.
The porn industry has pretty much come to a halt in Los Angeles.

For a right-wing nutjob, Ricky certainly knows a lot about porn.

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