laupäev, mai 01, 2004

Ricky Vandal Watch V: Strange Days

From a pandagon post about Loyalty Day, which was apparently today:

Loyalty Day encourages citizens to demonstrate their commitment to our country by supporting our military,

---Hey me and Bush think the same. Early this morning I uploaded a pic of Anna Kournikova and I titled this blog post:For our heros in the military.

Talking about my blog (click my name). Guess who visited my blog? Kevin O'keeffe, leader of the National Alliance, the biggest neo-nazi group in the US. He left a comment (yes, a racist one). I googled his name and website and that's how I found out. I can't say I'm happy honoring our diverse army and on the same day getting the biggest racist in America on my site. Strange days indeed.

Yes, Ricky. I'm sure Bush was thinking of posting pictures on the internet for soldiers to whack off to when he signed that proclamation.

And the racist visit may have something to do with your announcement earlier this week that there's something wrong with black people.

From Ricky's post with said picture of Anna:

I got some e-mails from women asking me what about a pic for the girls in the military? Forget it. What if Jenna's parents, president Bush and the first lady visit this blog and see a bare-chested guy? They might think I'm some sort of homo.

Well, Bush does seem to have a bit of a homophobia thing going on, doesn't he?

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