esmaspäev, mai 17, 2004

A Respectable Human Being No More

I didn't think it was possible, but Zell Miller has managed to cobble together a position on Abu Ghraib that is even worse than James Inhofe and Rush Limbaugh combined.

Is it really this hard for conservatives to just acknowledge that what happened was wrong? Is it possible their schools were so screwed up that this actually is what their showers and frat hazings were like? Does everything need to be cloaked in this bizarre it-could-have-been-worse relativism? And why the hell does anyone still let Zell Miller claim to be a Democrat? Last weekend, he campaigned for Bush, slandering Kerry with RNC lies. Now, he shrugs off the abuse of prisoners as nothing worse than a high school gym shower.

You know, on some level, I'm disappointed he's not running for re-election. Because it would be pretty sweet to see him get his ass kicked by a real Republican.

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