kolmapäev, mai 05, 2004

Regular Guys

A letter in today's Times makes explicit a point I hinted at yesterday:

Re "Bush Boards Luxury Bus to Campaign in Midwest" (news article, May 4):

The Bush campaign decided to have George W. Bush travel through the critical states of Michigan and Ohio in a luxury bus to help portray the president as in touch with the lives of ordinary voters.

Ordinary voters don't travel around in buses fitted with flat-screen TV's and black leather sofas. Ordinary voters aren't afforded the convenience of having a busy stretch of I-94 shut down before rush hour to allow them passage.

This is yet more evidence of how completely out of touch the Bush oligarchy is with the rest of America.

New York, May 4, 2004

This is especially relevant considering this, also from today's Times:

Mr. Bush is trying to paint his opponent, who campaigned in both states last week, as a man who would return the United States to the national security policies of the 1990's, and whose ease in New York's most exclusive dining spots with or without foreign leaders across the table demonstrates how far he floats above the habits of middle-class Americans.

So Bush drives around Ohio in a luxury bus, but John Kerry's the one who floats above the habits of middle-class Americans?

What a dirtbag.

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