esmaspäev, mai 03, 2004


In all of this talk of the implosion of Kerry's campaign, why has there been so little discussion of the fact that Bush's campaign, even more than Kerry's, has been almost entirely negative?

I mean, his initial ad buy had those bizarre ads about all of the challenges we've faced in the last few years, mostly just making you wonder why you'd reelect the guy who brought you all that, and then there was the one where he repeatedly says "I know exactly what we need to do to..." and provides no explanation whatsoever for what exactly we need to do. Everything else I can remember has been rather dishonest attacks on Kerry. No ads touting the liberation of millions of Arabs. No ads pointing out how much lower your taxes are, how schools have accountability standards, how economic growth is starting up, how jobs are coming back, no Bush in the rubble with the megaphone (which is the only moment I've felt he's handled perfectly). Not that everyone would agree he's right about those things, but he could certainly claim them. Instead we get "John Kerry has wacky ideas about gas taxes."

Not exactly "Morning in America" material, is it?

I don't remember 1996 and 2000 that well. Is this normal for an incumbent?

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