teisipäev, mai 04, 2004

Put Another Point on the Board for the Kerry Campaign

A statement in response to the Bush campaign's claim that it has nothing to do with Swiftboat Veterans for Truth:

"This attack was organized by the same pro-Bush group that smeared John McCain in 2000. It has ties to the White House and to Bush in Texas. If he wanted to, the President could stop these baseless attacks on John Kerry with one phone call. But instead he allows groups like this to attack John Kerry, who put his life on the line to serve his country."

Bravo, Kerry. Bravo.

As Joe Conason demonstrates today in Salon, this attack fits perfectly with the pattern Bush established in 2000. These people are closely connected to him and they're funded by one of his supporters. They aren't just concerned citizens. They're surrogates. He's choosing not to stop them and it's about time somebody called him on it.

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