teisipäev, mai 04, 2004

Mystery Men

I don't get this joke at all:

Earlier in this campaign, Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) suggested that opposition to Bush is so widespread in foreign capitals that a variety of politicians were rooting for the president to lose. Republicans have demanded that Kerry name the leaders supposedly supporting him.

"I've got a hunch this whole thing might be a case of mistaken identity," Bush told supporters at a pancake breakfast at a recreation center just outside Toledo. "Whoever these mystery men are, they're not going to be deciding this election."

That line aboout "mistaken identity," I really don't get it. I mean, I just don't get the joke. Is he saying foreign leaders are confusing him with Kerry or that Kerry is mistakenly referring to people who aren't actually foreign leaders? I just don't get it.

Also, note the bit toward the end about how Bush isn't actually riding the bus between cities. He's flying. Someone might want to point out to him that this isn't really a bus tour, then, so much as it's a plane tour where he rides in a luxury bus from the airport to the event site instead of a limo.

Just like the average American.

Is there nothing this guy won't lie about?

And where are the cries from the right about Bush being a rich, Ivy League elitist who refuses to ride in a luxury bus from city to city? Oh, right. He's a Republican. They can't be rich elitists. No matter how much money they have, they're just like you. Well, you if you had millions of dollars in assets and owned a ranch.

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